See the “Meeting of the Minds” documentaries of the dialogues between scientists and artists for the MitoSys project

You can now view in its entirety the fantastic “Meeting of the Minds” documentary series, which premiered at the Lens on Life exhibit earlier this year. Find out why Tony took the documentary crew to Die Gläsernen Manufaktur last year, see Lucy throughout the process of creating the incredible handblown glass Cellswatch the dialogue develop between all of the artist/scientist pairs, and witness the final products of each collaboration. Each film was expertly directed and produced by filmmaker Natasha Serlin. The films were commissioned and conceptualized by Professor Marina Wallace. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we have!

Ways of Growing: featuring Tony Hyman and Lucy & Jorge Orta

Ways of Being: featuring Jan-Michael Peters and Ackroyd & Harvey

Ways of Saying: featuring Kim Nasmyth and Shobana Jeyasingh

Ways of Seeing: featuring Melina Schuh and Rob Kesseler

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