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Former Hymanlab members

Former Postdocs

Adam Klosin, Hyman lab 2017-2022. Now group leaderNencki Institute, Warshaw, Poland

Mohamad Almedawar, Hyman lab 2019-2021. Now Coordinator and Grant Manager, CSBD and MPI-CBG

Louise Jawerth, Hyman lab 2013-2021. Now Assistant professor at the University of Leiden, Netherlands

Jessica Bellmann, Hyman lab 2020-2021. Now postdoc at the Falkenburger labUniversity Clinic Dresden

Shovamayee Maharana, joint with Alberti lab 2013-2020. Now Assistant professor and lab head, IISC, Bangalore

Amayra Hernández-Vega, Hyman lab: 2013-2020. Now Ramón y Cajal Researcher, IBEC, Barcelona

Emmanouela Filippidi, Hyman lab: 2019-2020. Now Assistant Professor, lab head and Max Planck partner group

Jie Wang, Hyman lab: 2015-2020. Now postdoc with Rick Young at the Whitehead institute, MIT, Boston.

Avinash Patel, Hyman lab: 2013-2019. Head Exploratory Condensate Science at Dewpoint Therapeutics GmbH, Dresden, Germany

Edgar Boczek, Hyman lab: 2015-2019. Now Senior Scientist, Discovery at Dewpoint Therapeutics GmbH, Dresden, Germany

Shamba Saha, Hyman lab: 2012-2018. Now group leader at IMBA, Vienna

Xiaojie Zhang, Hyman lab: 2017-2018. Now postdoc with Julia Mahamid, EMBL Heidelberg

Stephanie Spannl-Müller, Hyman Lab: 2016-2018. Now Research Scientist, Pattern Biosciences, Switzerland.

Hyun Kate Lee, Hyman Lab: 2011-2017. Now Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Jeff Woodruff, Hyman Lab: 2011-2017. Now Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Southwestern.

Mark Leaver, Hyman Lab: 2009-2017. Now Postdoc with Grill lab, MPI-CBG-Dresden

Richard Wheeler, Hyman lab 2014-2015. Now group leader with Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, University of Oxford, England

Julia Mahamid, Hyman lab and Baumeister lab Martinsried: 2011-2017. Now group leader at EMBL, Heidelberg

Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich, Hyman Lab: 2011-2016. Now Group leader at the Cluster of Excellence Physics of Life, TU Dresden

Michael Kuhn. 2012-2016. Research Scientist in Peer Bork’s group at the EMBL, Heidelberg

Per Widlund, Hyman Lab: 2007-2014. Now Researcher, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Yusuke Toyoda, Hyman Lab: 2006-2014. Now Research Associate, Institute of Life Science, Kurume University, Japan

Simone Reber, Hyman Lab: 2008-2014. Now Group LeaderIntegrative Research Institute for Life Sciences

Zoltan Maliga, Hyman Lab: 2005-2013. Senior Scientist, Harvard Medical School

Jay Gopalakrishnan, Hyman Lab 2012. Professor at the University of Duesseldorf, and lab head

Alex Bird, Hyman Lab: 2004-2012. Now Project Leader Drug Discovery, Silence Therapeutics, Berlin

Nate Goehring, Hyman Lab: 2006-2012. Now Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute, London

Ariane Dimitrov, Hyman Lab: 2009-2012. Now Project portfolio manager, L’Oreal, France

Cliff Brangwynne, Hyman Lab: 2007-2010. Now Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University

Mihail Sarov, Hyman Lab: 2007-2008. Now Technology Development Group Leader, MPI-CBG, Dresden

Thomas Müller-Reichert, Hyman Lab: 2001-2007. Now Professor and Group Leader, Medical Theoretical Center Dresden

Laurence Pelletier, Hyman Lab: 2002-2007. Now Principle Investigator, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Alexandru Tudor Constantinescu, Hyman Lab: 2002-2006. Now Managing Director and lab head, Spezialklinik Neukirchen

Martin Srayko, Hyman Lab: 2000-2006. Now Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Carrie Cowan, Hyman Lab: 2001-2006. Now Director for Education, Santa Fe Institute

Kazuhisa Kinoshita, Hyman Lab: 1998-2006. Now Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Hirano lab

Jeff Stear, Hyman Lab: 2004-2006. Now Researcher, UNSW Sydney

Sophie Quintin, Hyman Lab: 2001-2006. Now Researcher, Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology

Fedor Severin, Hyman Lab: 1993-2002. Now Group Leader, MSU, Moscow

Arshad Desai, Hyman Lab: 1998-2002. Now group leader and Professor, University of California, San Diego.

Karen Oegema, Hyman Lab: 1998-2001. Now group leader and Professor, University of California, San Diego

Isabelle Arnal, Hyman Lab: 1998-2000. Now Research Team Director, Institut des Neurosciences de Grenoble

Pierre Gönczy, Hyman Lab: 1998-2000. Group leader and Professor, EPFL, Lausanne

Christoph Echeverri, Hyman Lab: 1998-2000. Founder of Cenix Biosciences, now CEO of InukshukBio LLC

Michael Glotzer, Hyman Lab: 1993-1997. Now group leader and Professor, University of Chicago

Tony Ashford, postdoc at EMBL and Dresden


Former PhD Students

Maria Begasse Chief Operating Officer PoL | Physics of Life

Mark van Breugel Lecturer School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

Henrik Bringmann Professor Research Campus of Central Hessen (RCCH, now BIOTEC, Dresden

Andres Diaz Delgadillo Associate Consultant Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf

Markus Decker Global Head Search & Evaluation Oncology Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

Martin Dressler Team Lead Regulatory Compliance Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg

Beatriz Gomes Principal Scientist Dewpoint Therpeutics GmbH

Steffen Jaensch Data Scientist Johnson & Johnson, Beerse, Belgium

Garrett Greenan Imaging Scientist Chan Zuckerberg initiative

Stephan Grill Professor Biotechnology Center, TU Dresden, now director at MPI-CBG

Eva Hannak Patent Agent Morrison & Foerster LLP

Tim Noetzel Manager Roche Diagnostics, Munich

Nurhan Özlü Associate Professor Koç University, Istanbul

Silke Pichler Athlete & Personal Trainer

Stefanie Redemann Assistant Professor University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Anne-Lore Schlaitz Group Leader, BZHUniversity of Heidelberg

Stephanie Schonegg Team Leader Clinical Research Biotronik SE & Co KG

Martin Stewart Research Group Leader & Lecturer in Life / Medical Sciences University of Technology Sydney

Regis Tournebize Scientist Institut Pasteur, Paris

Oliver Wüseke Chief Of Staff Mantra Bio

Ingrid Sassoon Cluster Head, Immuno-Oncology Research – Sanofi

Former Staff, Techs, Students, and Interns

Annett Dümmler Former Staff Scientist now Business Development Manager at Merck

Jobin Gharakhani, PhD 2008-2014, working with Cliff Brangwynne and Frank Jülicher, MPI-PKS. Back in the US

Arsenii Hordeichyk, Masters student 2021-2022, now PhD student in the Bausch lab, TU Munich.

Tanya Jarrett former Research Assistant. Now nutritional therapist.

Mathew Kirkham, 2000-2002 research technician in the lab at the EMBL, Heidelberg.

Marit Leuschner Former Technician until 2019, now in Anne Grapin Botton lab at the MPI-CBG

Ina Poser, 2004-2019. Former Staff Scientist, now Principal Scientist – Dresden HTS Lead, DewPoint Therapeutics

Mai Thuong Pha, Technician Mitocheck/Mitosys project. Now in Vietnam.

Constance Richter, research intern 2004-2005. Postdoc Molecular Neurobiology, Harvard.

Jana Sipkova, Research Intern 2015-2016, now PhD student in the Franze lab, Cambridge, UK

Andrea Ssykor, technician Mitocheck/Mitosys project, now Senior research associate, DewPoint Therapeutics

Jennifer Yen, Masters student 2007-2008.