Two Minute Science Sketches & Video Abstracts

Watch Hyman Lab members explain their research in just two minutes! Visit our YouTube Playlist to easily watch all videos in this series. These videos can also be found on the ScienceSketches YouTube channel.

Also check out our Cell PaperFlick on phase transitions and disease, which we created as a slightly longer (5 min) version of the same concept.




Maria's Two Minute Talk

Jeff's Two Minute Talk

Louise's Two Minute Talk

Elisabeth's Two Minute Talk

Mark's Two Minute Talk

iBioSeminars & Lectures


Encouraging Innovation

iBio Part 1
How does complexity arise from molecular interactions?

iBio Part 2
Building a Polymer: Microtubule Dynamics

iBio Part 3
Formation and Duplication of Centrioles

iBio Part 4
Formation of P granules

"Encouraging innovation through peer review and evaluation", Tony's lecture at the "Publish and Perish?" seminar in Stockholm.

“Encouraging innovation through peer review and evaluation”, Tony’s lecture at the “Publish and Perish?” seminar in Stockholm in 2015.

Films & Interviews

Ways of Growing: Meetings of Minds from The Bespoke Film Company on Vimeo. This video was one in a four-part series created for the MitoSys project.



Watch a video of Tony explaining phase transitions and disease on the new website “Latest Thinking,” which is a video collection of researchers explaining their latest breakthroughs. Be sure to also check out the videos of Tony answering other short questions in the “Beyond” section just below the main video.




TV Broadcasts

Tony is interviewed by Wolfgang Donsbach for a story about the MPI and how it feels to be a foreigner in Dresden.

Tony is interviewed by Wolfgang Donsbach for a story about the MPI and how it feels to be a foreigner in Dresden.


tony city council

Tony at a City Council meeting in Dresden


Maria Begasse and Tony Hyman discuss the family-friendly aspects of the MPI (English subtitles)



Tony accepts the award presented to the MPI-CBG for being the “Most family-friendly company in Dresden 2012.”


Tony wins the Leibniz Prize

Tony wins the Leibniz Prize


Radio Spots

Tony discusses the Parkinson’s story on MDR 1 Radio Sachsen

Tony talks about Christmas traditions on MDR’s Figaro-Kulturradio (Copyright Heike Schwarzer/MDR Figaro)


We host all of our lab movies on our HymanLab YouTube Channel.


  • Selected Videos

    iBio video about P granule formation

    An interview with Tony about Phase Transitions and Disease

    Phase separation in cell polarity: Saha et al, Cell 2016

    Encouraging Innovation,

    The genetics linking temperature and fertility in worms: Leaver et al, Biology Open 2016

    Cell PaperFlick on Phase Transitions in Disease

    Check out this playlist to watch all the videos in our "Two Minute Talk" Series

    Ways of Growing, a film created for the MitoSys Project

    What is a Discovery?

    Embryonic Development of C.elegans