The Körber European Science Prize 2022 goes to Tony

We are very happy for Tony! And the whole lab is looking forward to a great celebration!

“The Körber European Science Prize 2022, endowed with one million euros, is to be awarded to the British cell biologist Anthony Hyman. In 2009, Hyman and his team – during studies on single-cell embryos of a threadworm – discovered a completely new state of biological matter: proteins can accumulate locally in high concentrations in the cell fluid. These “condensates” resemble tiny drops. They form dynamically, sometimes in a matter of seconds, and are usually also quickly broken down again. In the degradation is disturbed – often due to age – toxic substances can be deposited in affected cells, triggering degenerative diseases such as ALS or Alzheimer’s disease. Hyman is now looking for new drugs that could cure these diseases”


“It was important to the founder to emphasise three ideas: Germany, Europe and the future. The prize was intended to promote research in Europe.”

Reimar Lüst, First Chairman of the Körber Prize Trustee Committee between 1984 – 1996

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