The Hyman lab welcomes Alexandra, Arsenii, MJ, and Peter

The Hyman lab recently recruited new members in different positions.


Maria-Jesus Olarte or “MJ” is starting as a postdoc in the Hyman lab. She completed her PhD at Harvard and Yale followed by a 1-year postdoc at Harvard, US. MJ is interested in studying the role of membranes in phase separation of protein complexes.

PhD Students

Alexandra Sergeeva is starting as a PhD student in the Hyman and Alberti Labs. The MPI-CBG has initiated rolling admissions for prospective PhD students who can apply through the IMPRS-CellDevoSys portal.

Masters Students

Arsenii Dmitriev is a Masters Student at the TU Dresden. He completed his Bachelor studies at the Kazan National Research Technological Institute, Russia. Arsenii is interested in how transcription factors form liquid-like compartments on DNA in vitro. In the Hyman lab, he plans to investigate protein properties responsible for compartmentalisation, the role of such compartments in vivo, and how their localisation as well as composition is regulated.

Peter Bos is a Masters Student at the Wageningen University, the Netherlands, specialising in Molecular life sciences. He Joined the lab through the a “student research internship” program organised by IMPRS-CellDevoSys. In the Hyman lab, he will be investigating the amyloid forming behaviour of certain proteins in vitro and in vivo. Applications to the internship program can be submitted here.

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