Hyman Lab Show ‘n’ Tell

During the Show ‘n’ Tell session at “MPI-CBG Day” last week, the Hyman lab put on interactive and edible demonstrations for our visitors. Amayra made Spanish tortillas in the form of cells and spindles; Susanne, Andrea, and Marit taught people everything they wanted to know about C. elegans (and gummy worms); and Jeff put on a protein purification demo featuring everyone’s favorite “proteins” — candy bars. Andrés also made some very cool (not edible) representations of liquid-liquid phase separation. Thanks to the whole lab for getting involved and putting on a great show!

C. elegans demo

C. elegans demo

Jeff's "protein purification column"

Jeff’s “protein purification column”

Ina goes fishing for proteins in the cell lysate.

Ina goes fishing for proteins in the cell lysate.

Amayra's Spanish Tortilla cells and spindles

Amayra’s Spanish Tortilla cells and spindles

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