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Congratulations to Oliver, Jeff, and colleagues on their paper & video abstract in Biology Open, investigating regulation of centrosome assembly

In new work published this month in Biology Open, Oliver Wueseke, David Zwicker, Jeff Woodruff, and colleagues show that PKL-1 phosphorylation of the centrosome scaffold protein SPD-5 is a key regulatory step which determines centrosome size and density. Importantly, they show that this step is not necessary for proper maintenance or function of the centrosome. […]

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Read our reviews to learn about “Liquid-liquid phase separation in biology”, “Are aberrant phase transitions a driver of cellular aging?”, and “Biomolecular condensates: organizers of cellular biochemistry”

Everything you ever wanted to know about our current understanding of cytoplasmic organization by phase separation, from the physics behind it to the consequences for disease, in one comprehensive review: Liquid-liquid phase separation in biology. Hyman AA, Weber CA, Jülicher F. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 2014 Oct 11;30:39-58. 2016 UPDATE: Also read a new review […]

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