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Goodbye, Jana!

We’ve bid a sad farewell to our intrepid intern, Jana Sipkova. Jana worked for a year with postdoc Shamba Saha, and she was a fantastic addition to the lab. She’s now heading back to the UK to finish up her bachelor studies in London. Good luck, Jana! We miss you already.

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Congratulations to Elisabeth on her paper “Rheology of the Active Cell Cortex in Mitosis”, out now in Biophysical Journal

New work from our postdoc Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich and colleagues investigates how the mechanical properties of the cell cortex change to prepare cells for division. Their work “provides a characterization of the time-dependent mechanical properties of the mitotic cortex, confirming that it behaves like an active fluid film on longer timescales. Modulation of the properties of […]

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New video on iBiology: Encouraging Innovation

In a new talk filmed for, Tony makes the case that funding young investigators is critical to encouraging scientific innovation. Tony discusses the European models of EMBL and the ERC as examples of successful way to separate the funding of junior and senior scientists, thereby giving young investigators more freedom to innovate. As evidence for […]

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Congratulations to Elvan, Martine, and colleagues on their paper, “Amyloid-like Self-Assembly of a Cellular Compartment,” out now in Cell

New work from a collaboration between the Mitchison lab and our institute is out now in the journal Cell. Elvan Boke and colleagues propose that the Balbiani body, a non-membrane-bound compartment in vertebrate oocytes, is formed by amyloid-like assembly of proteins containing prion-like domains. The Balbiani body contains RNA, mitochondria, and other organelles needed by […]

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Goodbye, Mahdiye!

Last week we bid farewell to Mahdiye Ijavi, who was working with postdoc Louise Jawerth to study the physical properties of liquid protein droplets. Mahdiye will be starting a PhD in Zurich, Switzerland in the fall, and we all wish her the best of luck. She will be missed!

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Photos from the International Congress of Cell Biology in Prague

The 12th meeting of the International Congress of Cell Biology was held in Prague on July 21-25. Many Hyman lab members attended and had a fantastic trip. Thank you to the meeting organizers!

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