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Congratulations to Avinash Patel and Hyun Kate Lee on our latest publication in Cell, linking liquid-to-solid phase transition in cells to neurodegenerative disease. Check out the paper and video abstract!

Congratulations to Avinash, Kate, and colleagues for their recent publication in Cell! This work, a close collaboration between our lab and Simon Alberti’s lab, focuses on a protein called FUS, which is implicated in ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). By using in vitro and in vivo studies, they show that FUS normally forms liquid compartments. However, when these compartments are “aged” in vitro, they […]

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New publications: “Suppression of Ostwald ripening in active emulsions”, plus methods for in vitro PCM assembly

New publications out from our lab this summer! First, if you want to learn how to assemble and analyze PCM-like structures in vitro (as Jeff Woodruff did in our recent Science paper), then check out Jeff’s publication in Methods of Cell Biology (Woodruff JB and Hyman AA, 2015) [PDF]. Next, learn how “active emulsions” (much like liquid compartments inside of […]

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