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Hyman lab at the EMBO Centrosomes conference in Lisbon this week

Tony, Jeff, Oliver, and Beatriz are all on their way to the EMBO Centrosomes and Spindle Pole Bodies Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Jeff will be giving a talk and Olli & Tony will both be presenting posters. Wednesday, October 1, 1:30pm poster session: Oliver Wueseke, “The C. elegans PCM components SPD-2 and SPD-5 are monomeric in the cytoplasm […]

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Welcome, new lab members: Amayra, Annett, Marcel, Richard, and Sonja!

Fall 2014 has brought an influx of smart and fun new people to the Hyman lab, and we’re excited to have all of them join us. Welcome: • Annett Dümmler, Postdoc, taking over for Ina Poser as the head of our TransgeneOmics Team • Amayra Hernandez Vega, Postdoc • Marcel Kirchner, joint PhD student with […]

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Tony speaks at Maria Leptin’s 60th birthday symposium in Cologne

Today, Tony is giving a talk at a symposium in Cologne in honor of Maria Leptin’s 60th birthday. Nobel prize winner Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard is also a featured speaker. Happy birthday to Dr. Leptin, and to all the lucky attendees: enjoy!

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Hyman Lab retreat and vision

The entire Hyman Lab took a trip to the beautiful city of Meißen this week for our annual retreat.

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Watch Tony’s talk: “What is a Discovery?”

Tony spoke as part of a summer seminar series hosted by MPI-CBG postdocs during which group leaders gave thoughtful and personal advice about how to start your own group. Tony focused on the main goal of starting your own group — to discover something important — and how to stay on track towards achieving that […]

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Team “Wormstorm” at the BiOlympics

The BiOlympics, a huge multi-institute event with over 160 participants, took place this past weekend, Sept 12-13. The Hyman Lab and the Grill Lab combined forces to create team “Wormstorm”!

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Congratulations to Elisabeth on her paper about the biophysics of mitotic cell rounding

Hyman lab postdoc Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich –you may remember her Two Minute Talk on Cell Rounding! — has just published a paper on the work she discussed in her video. You can read the free full text of her paper, here. This paper is the result of a collaboration between the Hyman and Jülicher labs in Dresden […]

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Tony gives talk at VBC Seminar Series in Vienna

Today Tony gave a talk on “Liquid like compartments in cells: Implications for polarity and disease” at the VBC Seminar Series at the Vienna Biocenter.

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Farewell to Ina & Mai

All of us here in the Hyman lab wish a warm farewell and the best of luck to two of our long time staff members, Ina Poser and Mai Thuong Pham, as they each move on to the next steps in their careers. Mai, one of our expert human cell line technicians, worked with us for […]

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Groundbreaking event for the Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD)

The Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD) is an interdisciplinary institute which was built on the joint research program between the MPI-CBG and the MPI-PKS.

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