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#CBGday: adventures in Dresden!

On Friday June 27, hundreds of people from the MPI-CBG flooded the streets of Dresden for our first annual CBG Day!

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Tony stars in “2 im Boot”

Tony wowed the crowd with his flute last night on the dampfschiff ‘Dresden’ at 2 im Boot. It was a great evening of science, games, and fun. Thanks to the organizers of 2 im Boot, Florian Frisch and Lena Herlitzius for putting together a great event!

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Simone & the Froggies are back in the Bild

We all cheered extra loudly for Germany’s World Cup win over Portugal because Simone’s Frog Oracles predicted the score exactly: 4-0!

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Simone’s “frog oracles” predict a big win for Germany!

It’s no secret that World Cup fever has gripped the MPI-CBG, as all the weekday games are screened in our own auditorium, accompanied by a complicated beer betting system to let people predict the outcome. But our scientists have taken match prediction to a whole new level, creating oracles out of various model organisms.

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Did you miss our #eLifetakover? Catch up here!

We had so much fun taking over the @eLife twitter feed yesterday. If you missed it, you can catch back up in one fell swoop because eLife storified the day for us! 

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Commencing takeover sequence…

We’re live! Tweeting from @elife for the #elifetakeover all day today. Welcome, @elife followers! Have a look around and see what we’re up to here in Dresden. Thanks for stopping by!

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New Publication: Coiled-Coil Proteins Facilitated the Functional Expansion of the Centrosome

Kuhn M, Hyman AA, Beyer A. Coiled-coil proteins facilitated the functional expansion of the centrosome. PLoS Comput Biol. 2014 Jun 5;10(6):e1003657.

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We’re taking over eLife!

…the eLife Twitter feed, that is. Follow #eLifetakeover next week as 4 different labs take over the account, @eLife. The Hyman lab takeover will be on Wednesday, June 11th! Read more about the takeover on eLife’s website.

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Meet Tony for an evening on the Elbe

With 2 im Boot (which translates to “Two in the Boat”), science comes out of the ivory tower and onto a river steamboat! Join Tony and Prof. Holger Brandes on June 25 for a fun and enlightening evening on the Elbe. 2 im Boot on Facebook & 2 im Boot crowdfunding site

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