science sketches bannerWe created a spin-off website for our 2-minute videos! Science Sketches began in 2014 as a project of Lisa Dennison and the Hyman lab. Wanting to make the most of their participation in the eLife Twitter Takeover, Lisa challenged two members of the lab, Jeff Woodruff & Louise Jawerth, to explain their projects in just 2 minutes. The videos were a hit and quickly became a key way for the lab to present its ongoing research and new publications in a concise, accessible way (also see our longer Cell PaperFlick).

​As the lab’s videos grew in popularity and others asked for help creating their own, we knew it was time to expand and create a space where anyone could go to learn about exciting new science, straight from the source. 

If you are interested in creating a Science Sketch about your own research to add to our growing library, please reach out to us at!

To find the rest of the Hyman lab movies, Tony’s iBio seminars, and more, please visit the Movies page and our YouTube channel.