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Congratulations to Julia Mahamid on her paper in Science visualizing the nuclear periphery in stunning new detail

Congratulations to our joint postdoc, Julia Mahamid (based in the Baumeister lab), and colleagues on their recent publication in Science! This work utilizes cutting-edge developments in cryo-electron tomography to produce detailed 3D images of the nuclear periphery, revealing new information about its molecular organization. Visualizing the molecular sociology at the HeLa cell nuclear periphery. Mahamid […]

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“Priority of Discovery” – separating disclosure and validation

‘What Defines “Priority of Discovery” in the Life Sciences?’ — Read the full article Today, Tony and Ron Vale published a white paper on the ASAPBio website in which they discuss the complexities of assigning “priority” for an original scientific discovery. They argue that priority of discovery is established in two distinct phases, disclosure and validation, and […]

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Ideas on “How to build a better PhD”

A recent article from Nature News by Julie Gould tackles the topic of “How to build a better PhD.” In the article, I discuss the idea of having multiple PhD tracks, one bound for academia, and another so-called “vocational” track which would provide intensive science training for use in non-academic careers. As discussed in the […]

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