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New publication: A human interactome in 3 quantitative dimensions

Congratulations to Marco Hein, Nina Hubner, our own Ina Poser, and colleagues on their new publication in Cell, “A human interactome in three quantitative dimensions organized by stoichiometries and abundances.” This is a truly impressive body of work which globally analyzes protein interactions in order to better understand protein networks and cell organization. This dataset connects 5,400 […]

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“Protein ‘drops’ may seed brain disease” – Article in Science about our FUS paper and others’ recent work

A new Science “In Depth” article by Ken Garber tells the story of 4 recent papers (including our publication on the protein FUS) published in Cell and Molecular Cell which all focus on protein droplet formation and the potential for this process to cause disease when it goes awry. You can also find a German translation of the article in the […]

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“Publish and perish?” Seminar in Stockholm on publishing, peer review, and evaluation. Updated with links to videos!

Sept 30, 2015: Tony was one of the speakers at today’s “Publish and perish?” seminar at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. The seminar focuses on “the rapidly changing nature of scientific publishing, peer review, and evaluation,” and the impact on science and young scientists. Tony’s talk is titled “Encouraging innovation through peer review […]

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Run & Roll raised €40,000 for refugees’ medical care!

Yesterday’s Run & Roll event was a huge success! Over 3,000 people participated, including many members of the MPI-CBG, and as a result, €40,000 was raised to open a special clinic for refugees in Dresden and surrounding areas. Read more in articles from the MPG and from the German news site DNN. Congratulations to the […]

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