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Jeff Woodruff

Jeff Woodruff
Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Southwestern

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2011-2017

Hyman Lab publications:
Woodruff JB, Wueseke O, Hyman AA. (2014). Pericentriolar material structure and dynamics. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci: 369(1650).

Wuekese O, Bunkenborg J, Hein MY, Zinke A, Viscardi V, Woodruff JB, Oegema K, Mann M, Andersen JS, Hyman AA. (2014). The C. elegans pericentriolar material components SPD-2 and SPD-5 are monomeric in the cytoplasm prior to incorporation into the PCM matrix. Mol Biol Cell: pii: mbc.E13-09-0514.

Woodruff JB, Wueseke O, Viscardi V, Mahamid J, Ochoa SD, Bunkenborg J, Widlund PO, Pozniakovsky A, Zanin E, Bahmanyar S, Zinke A, Hong SH, Decker M, Baumeister W, Andersen JS, Oegema K, Hyman AA. (2015). Centrosomes. Regulated assembly of a supramolecular centrosome scaffold in vitro. Science: 348(6236):808-12.

Woodruff JB, Hyman AA. (2015). Method: In vitro analysis of pericentriolar material assembly. Methods Cell Biol: 129:369-82.

Wueseke O, Zwicker D, Schwager A, Wong YL, Ogema K, Jülicher F, Hyman AA, Woodruff JB. Polo-like kinase phosphorylation determines C. elegans centrosome size and density by biasing SPD-5 toward an assembly-competent conformation. Biol Open. 2016 Oct 15; 5(10):1431-1440.

Woodruff JB, Ferreira Gomes B, Widlund PO, Mahamid J, Honigmann A, Hyman AA. The centrosome is a selective condensate that nucleates microtubules by concentrating tubulin. Cell. 2017 Jun 1;169(6):1066-1077.e10.

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