Opening: PhD student (m/f/d) in Biophysics

The Hyman and Zechner labs are looking for a PhD student to research the control of cellular noise via phase separation.

Brief summary:

Liquid condensates provide a potential mechanism to control molecular fluctuations in cells. We have recently provided a first proof of principle of this idea using theory and single-cell experiments. In this project, we want to explore this concept more broadly within physiological contexts and understand its functional implications for cellular control. The project has a highly interdisciplinary character and bridges between experimental work and theory. We welcome both theorists and experimentalists to apply.

Qualifications of the candidate: 

Biophysics, biochemistry, single-cell biology, theoretical physics, stochastic processes.

Relavent Publications:

  • Klosin, A.*, Oltsch, F. *, Julicher, F., Harmon, T., Honigmann, A., Hyman, A.A., Zechner, C. (2020). Phase separation provides a mechanism to reduce noise in cells. Science 367, 464-467.  *(co-first authors)

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