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Yusuke Toyoda

Yusuke Toyoda
Research Associate, Institute of Life Science, Kurume University

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2006-2014

Hyman Lab publications:
Poser, I; Sarov, M; Hutchins, JRA; Heriche, JK; Toyoda, Y; Pozniakovsky, A; Weigl, D; Nitzsche, A; Hegemann, B; Bird, AW; Pelletier, L; Kittler, R; Hua, S; Naumann, R; Augsburg, M; Sykora, MM; Hofemeister, H; Zhang, YM; Nasmyth, K; White, KP; Dietzel, S; Mechtler, K; Durbin, R; Stewart, AF; Peters, JM; Buchholz, F; Hyman, AA. (2008) BAC TransgeneOmics: a high-throughput method for exploration of protein function in mammals (vol 5, pg 409,) Nat Methods. 5(8): 748-748

Hutchins J RA, Toyoda Y, Hegemann B, Poser I, Hériché J-K, Sykora M M, Augsburg M, Hudecz O, Buschhorn B A, Bulkescher J, Conrad C, Comartin D, Schleiffer A, Sarov M, Pozniakovsky A I, Slabicki M, Schloissnig S, Steinmacher I, Leuschner M, Ssykor A, Lawo S, Pelletier L, Stark H, Nasmyth K, Ellenberg J, Durbin R, Buchholz F, Mechtler K, Hyman AA, Peters J-M (2010). Systematic analysis of human protein complexes identifies chromosome segregation proteins. Science, 328(5978): 593-599

Stewart, MP; Helenius, J; Toyoda, Y; Ramanathan, SP; Muller, DJ; Hyman, AA. (2011). Hydrostatic pressure and the actomyosin cortex drive mitotic cell rounding. Nature: 469 (7329): 226-230   

Jakobsen, L; Vanselow, K; Skogs, M; Toyoda, Y; Lundberg, E; Poser, I; Falkenby, LG; Bennetzen, M; Westendorf, J; Nigg, EA; Uhlen, M; Hyman, AA; Andersen, JS (2011). Novel asymmetrically localizing components of human centrosomes identified by complementary proteomics methods. EMBO J.: 30(8): 1520-1535

Stewart, MP; Toyoda, Y; Hyman, AA; Muller, DJ. (2011). Force probing cell shape changes to molecular resolution. Trends in Biochemical Sciences: 36 (8): 444-450

El-Labban A, Zisserman A, Toyoda Y, Bird A, Hyman A. (2011). Dynamic Time Warping for Automated Cell Cycle Labelling. Microscopic Image Analysis with Applications in Biology.
Toyoda, Y; Stewart, MP; Hyman, AA; Muller, DJ. (2011). Atomic Force Microscopy to Study Mechanics of Living Mitotic Mammalian Cells. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics: 50 (8): Special Issue: SI: Part 4

Stewart, MP; Toyoda, Y; Hyman, AA; Muller, DJ. (2012) Tracking mechanics and volume of globular cells with atomic force microscopy using a constant-height clamp. Nat. Prot. 7(1): 143-154

Uzunova, K; Dye, BT; Schutz, H; Ladurner, R; Petzold, G; Toyoda, Y; Jarvis, MA; Brown, NG; Poser, I; Novatchkova, M; Mechtler, K; Hyman, AA; Stark, H; Schulman, BA; Peters, JM. (2012). APC15 mediates CDC20 autoubiquitylation by APC/C-MCC and disassembly of the mitotic checkpoint complex. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology: 19 (11):1116-+

Maliga Z, Junqueira M, Toyoda Y, Ettinger A, Mora-Bermúdez F, Klemm RW, Vasilj A, Guhr E, Ibarlucea-Benitez I, Poser I, Bonifacio E, Huttner WB, Shevchenko A, Hyman AA. (2013). A genomic toolkit to investigate kinesin and myosin motor function in cells. Nat Cell Biol: 15(3):325-34.

Fraisier V, Kasri A, Miserey-Lenkei S, Sibarita JB, Nair D, Mayeux A, Bardin S, Toyoda Y, Poser I, Poznyakovskiy A, Goud B, Hyman AA, Dimitrov A. (2013). C11ORF24 is a novel type I membrane protein that cycles between the Golgi apparatus and the plasma membrane in Rab6-positive vesicles. PLoS One: 8(12):e82223.

El-Labban A, Zisserman A, Toyoda Y, Bird AW, Hyman A. (2014). Temporal models for mitotic phase labeling. Med Image Anal: 18(7):977-988.

Toyoda Y, Erkut C, Pan-Montojo F, Boland S, Stewart MP, Müller DJ, Wurst W, Hyman AA, Kurzchalia TV. (2014). Products of the Parkinson’s disease-related glyoxalase DJ-1, D-lactate and glycolate, support mitochondrial membrane potential and neuronal survival. Biol Open: pii: BIO20149399.

Özlü N, Qureshi MH, Toyoda Y, Renard BY, Mollaoglu G, Özkan NE, Bulbul S, Poser I, Timm W, Hyman AA, Mitchison TJ, Steen JA. (2015). Quantitative comparison of a human cancer cell surface proteome between interphase and mitosis. EMBO J: 34(2):251-65.

Hein MY, Hubner NC, Poser I, Cox J, Nagaraj N, Toyoda Y, Gak IA, Weisswange I, Mansfeld J, Buchholz F, Hyman AA, Mann M. (2015). A human interactome in three quantitative dimensions organized by stoichiometries and abundances. Cell: 163(3):712-23.

Sorce B, Escobedo C, Toyoda Y, Stewart MP, Cattin CJ, Newton R, Banerjee I, Stettler A, Roska B, Eaton S, Hyman AA, Hierlemann A, Müller DJ. (2015). Mitotic cells contract actomyosin cortex and generate pressure to round against or escape epithelial confinement. Nat Commun: 6:8872.

Fischer-Friedrich E, Toyoda Y, Cattin CJ, Müller DJ, Hyman AA, Jülicher F. Rheology of the Active Cell Cortex in Mitosis. Biophys J. 2016 Aug 9;111(3):589-600.

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