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Nathan Goehring

Nathan W. Goehring
Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2006-2012

Hyman Lab publications:
Hoege C, Constantinescu A, Schwager A, Goehring N, Kumar P, Hyman AA (2010). LGL can partition the cortex of one-cell Caenorhabditis elegans embryos into two domains.
Curr. Biol., 20(14): 1296-1303

Redemann S, Pecreaux J, Goehring N, Khairy K, Stelzer E H K, Hyman AA, Howard J (2010). Membrane invaginations reveal cortical sites that pull on mitotic spindles in one-cell C. elegans embryos. PLoS ONE, 5(8) e12301

Goehring, NW; Chowdhury, D; Hyman, AA; Grill, SW (2010). FRAP Analysis of Membrane-Associated Proteins: Lateral Diffusion and Membrane-Cytoplasmic Exchange. Biophys. J.: 99(8): 2443-2452

Goehring, NW; Hoege, C; Grill, SW; Hyman, AA (2011). PAR proteins diffuse freely across the anterior-posterior boundary in polarized C. elegans embryos J. Cell Biol.: 193: 583-594

Goehring, NW; Trong, PK; Bois, JS; Chowdhury, D; Nicola, EM; Hyman, AA; Grill, SW. (2011). Polarization of PAR Proteins by Advective Triggering of a Pattern-Forming System. SCIENCE: 334 (6059): 1137-1141

Goehring NW, Hyman AA. (2012) Organelle growth control through limiting pools of cytoplasmic components. Curr Biol: 22(9):R330-9.

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