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Thomas Mueller-Reichert

Thomas Müller-Reichert
Professor & Group Leader, Medical Theoretical Center Dresden

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2001-2007

Hyman Lab publications and collaborations:
O’Toole ET, McDonald KL, Mantler J, McIntosh JR, Hyman AA, Muller-Reichert T. (2003). Morphologically distinct microtubule ends in the mitotic centrosome of Caenorhabditis elegans. J Cell Biol. 163(3):451-6.

Muller-Reichert T, Sassoon I, O’Toole E, Romao M, Ashford AJ, Hyman AA, Antony C. (2003) Analysis of the distribution of the kinetochore protein Ndc10p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using 3-D modeling of mitotic spindles. Chromosoma. 111(7): 417-28

Desai A, Rybina S, Muller-Reichert T, Shevchenko A, Shevchenko A, Hyman A, Oegema K. (2003) KNL-1 directs assembly of the microtubule-binding interface of the kinetochore in C. elegans. Genes Dev. 17(19): 2421-35

Pelletier L, Ozlu N, Hannak E, Cowan C, Habermann B, Ruer M, Muller-Reichert T, Hyman AA. (2004) The Caenorhabditis elegans centrosomal protein SPD-2 is required for both pericentriolar material recruitment and centriole duplication. Curr Biol. 14(10): 863-73.

Ozlu N, Srayko M, Kinoshita K, Habermann B, O’toole ET, Muller-Reichert T, Schmalz N, Desai A, Hyman AA. (2005) An Essential Function of the C. elegans Ortholog of TPX2 Is to Localize Activated Aurora A Kinase to Mitotic Spindles. Dev Cell. 9(2): 237-48.

Srayko M, O’Toole ET, Hyman AA, Muller-Reichert T. (2006) Katanin disrupts the microtubule lattice and increases polymer number in C. elegans meiosis. Curr Biol. 16(19): 1944-9.

Pelletier L, O’Toole E, Schwager A, Hyman AA, Muller-Reichert T. (2006) Centriole assembly in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature. 444(7119): 619-23.

Schlaitz AL, Srayko M, Dammermann A, Quintin S, Wielsch N, Macleod I, de Robillard Q, Zinke A, Yates JR 3rd, Muller-Reichert T, Shevchenko A, Oegema K, Hyman AA. (2007) The C. elegans RSA Complex Localizes Protein Phosphatase 2A to Centrosomes and Regulates Mitotic Spindle Assembly. Cell. 128(1): 115-27.

Muller-Reichert T, Srayko M, Hyman A, O’Toole ET, McDonald K. (2007) Correlative light and electron microscopy of early Caenorhabditis elegans embryos in mitosis. Methods Cell Biol. 79: 101-19.

Zhu, F; Lawo, S; Bird, A; Pinchev, D; Ralph, A; Richter, C; Muller-Reichert, T; Kittler, R; Hyman, AA; Pelletier, L (2008) The mammalian SPD-2 ortholog Cep192 regulates centrosome biogenesis Curr Biol. 18(2): 136-141

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