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Laurence Pelletier

Laurence Pelletier
Principal Investigator, Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2002-2007

Hyman Lab publications and collaborations:
Pelletier L
, Ozlu N, Hannak E, Cowan C, Habermann B, Ruer M, Muller-Reichert T, Hyman AA. (2004) The Caenorhabditis elegans centrosomal protein SPD-2 is required for both pericentriolar material recruitment and centriole duplication. Curr Biol. 14(10): 863-73.

Kittler R, Pelletier L, Ma C, Poser I, Fischer S, Hyman AA, Buchholz F. (2005) RNA interference rescue by bacterial artificial chromosome transgenesis in mammalian tissue culture cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 102(7): 2396-401

Kinoshita K, Noetzel TL, Pelletier L, Mechtler K, Drechsel DN, Schwager A, Lee M, Raff JW, Hyman AA. (2005) Aurora A phosphorylation of TACC3/maskin is required for centrosome-dependent microtubule assembly in mitosis. J Cell Biol. 170(7): 1047-55.

Pelletier L, O’Toole E, Schwager A, Hyman AA, Muller-Reichert T. (2006) Centriole assembly in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature. 444(7119): 619-23.

Kittler R, Pelletier L, Heninger AK, Slabicki M, Theis M, Miroslaw L, Poser I, Lawo S, Grabner H, Kozak K, Wagner J, Surendranath V, Richter C, Bowen W, Jackson AL, Habermann B, Hyman AA, Buchholz F. (2007) Genome-scale RNAi profiling of cell division in human tissue culture cells. Nat Cell Biol. 9(12): 1401-12.

Poser, I; Sarov, M; Hutchins, JRA; Heriche, JK; Toyoda, Y; Pozniakovsky, A; Weigl, D; Nitzsche, A; Hegemann, B; Bird, AW; Pelletier, L; Kittler, R; Hua, S; Naumann, R; Augsburg, M; Sykora, MM; Hofemeister, H; Zhang, YM; Nasmyth, K; White, KP; Dietzel, S; Mechtler, K; Durbin, R; Stewart, AF; Peters, JM; Buchholz, F; Hyman, AA. (2008) BAC TransgeneOmics: a high-throughput method for exploration of protein function in mammals (vol 5, pg 409,) Nat Methods. 5(8): 748-748

Zhu, F; Lawo, S; Bird, A; Pinchev, D; Ralph, A; Richter, C; Muller-Reichert, T; Kittler, R; Hyman, AA; Pelletier, L (2008) The mammalian SPD-2 ortholog Cep192 regulates centrosome biogenesis Curr Biol. 18(2): 136-141

Hutchins J RA, Toyoda Y, Hegemann B, Poser I, Hériché J-K, Sykora M M, Augsburg M, Hudecz O, Buschhorn B A, Bulkescher J, Conrad C, Comartin D, Schleiffer A, Sarov M, Pozniakovsky A I, Slabicki M, Schloissnig S, Steinmacher I, Leuschner M, Ssykor A, Lawo S, Pelletier L, Stark H, Nasmyth K, Ellenberg J, Durbin R, Buchholz F, Mechtler K, Hyman AA, Peters J-M (2010). Systematic analysis of human protein complexes identifies chromosome segregation proteins. Science, 328(5978): 593-599

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