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Arshad Desai

Arshad Desai
Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California, San Diego

Hyman Lab postdoc from 1998-2002

Hyman Lab publications and collaborations:
Desai, A. and Hyman, A. A. (1999) No longer an also Ran. Current Biology 9: R704-R707

Wittmann T, Hyman A, Desai A. (2001) The spindle: a dynamic assembly of microtubules and motors. Nat Cell Biol. E28-34.

Oegema K, Desai A, Rybina S, Kirkham M, Hyman AA. (2001) Functional analysis of kinetochore assembly in Caenorhabditis elegans. J Cell Biol 2001 153(6): 1209-26

Kazuhisa Kinoshita, Isabelle Arnal, Arshad Desai, David N. Drechsel, and Anthony A. Hyman (2001) Reconstitution of Physiological Microtubule Dynamics Using Purified Components. Science 294: 1340-1343.

Desai A, Rybina S, Muller-Reichert T, Shevchenko A, Shevchenko A, Hyman A, Oegema K. (2003) KNL-1 directs assembly of the microtubule-binding interface of the kinetochore in C. elegans. Genes Dev. 17(19): 2421-35

Ozlu N, Srayko M, Kinoshita K, Habermann B, O’toole ET, Muller-Reichert T, Schmalz N, Desai A, Hyman AA. (2005) An Essential Function of the C. elegans Ortholog of TPX2 Is to Localize Activated Aurora A Kinase to Mitotic Spindles. Dev Cell. 9(2): 237-48.

Sandall S, Severin F, McLeod IX, Yates JR 3rd, Oegema K, Hyman A, Desai A. (2006) A Bir1-Sli15 complex connects centromeres to microtubules and is required to sense kinetochore tension. Cell. 127(6): 1179-91.

Green RA, Audhya A, Pozniakovsky A, Dammermann A, Pemble H, Monen J, Portier N, Hyman A, Desai A, Oegema K. (2008) Expression and Imaging of Fluorescent Proteins in the C. elegans Gonad and Early Embryo. Methods Cell Biol. 85: 179-218

Green, RA; Kao, HL; Audhya, A; Arur, S; Mayers, JR; Fridolfsson, HN; Schulman, M; Schloissnig, S; Niessen, S; Laband, K; Wang, SH; Starr, DA; Hyman, AA; Schedl, T; Desai, A; Piano, F; Gunsalus, KC; Oegema, K (2011). A High-Resolution C. elegans Essential Gene Network Based on Phenotypic Profiling of a Complex Tissue. Cell: 145(3): 470-482

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