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Alex Bird

Alex Bird
Group Leader, MPI for Mol. Physiology

Hyman Lab postdoc from 2004-2012

Hyman Lab publications:
Bird, AW; Hyman, AA (2008) Building a spindle of the correct length in human cells requires the interaction between TPX2 and Aurora A. J Cell Biol. 182(2): 289-300

Poser, I; Sarov, M; Hutchins, JRA; Heriche, JK; Toyoda, Y; Pozniakovsky, A; Weigl, D; Nitzsche, A; Hegemann, B; Bird, AW; Pelletier, L; Kittler, R; Hua, S; Naumann, R; Augsburg, M; Sykora, MM; Hofemeister, H; Zhang, YM; Nasmyth, K; White, KP; Dietzel, S; Mechtler, K; Durbin, R; Stewart, AF; Peters, JM; Buchholz, F; Hyman, AA. (2008) BAC TransgeneOmics: a high-throughput method for exploration of protein function in mammals (vol 5, pg 409,) Nat Methods. 5(8): 748-748

Zhu, F; Lawo, S; Bird, A; Pinchev, D; Ralph, A; Richter, C; Muller-Reichert, T; Kittler, R; Hyman, AA; Pelletier, L (2008) The mammalian SPD-2 ortholog Cep192 regulates centrosome biogenesis Curr Biol. 18(2): 136-141

Hubner NC, Bird AW, Cox J, Splettstoesser B, Bandilla P, Poser I, Hyman A, Mann M. (2010) Quantitative proteomics combined with BAC TransgeneOmics reveals in vivo protein interactions. J. Cell Biol. 189(4): 739-754.

El-Labban A, Zisserman A, Toyoda Y, Bird A, Hyman A. (2011). Dynamic Time Warping for Automated Cell Cycle Labelling. Microscopic Image Analysis with Applications in Biology.

Bird AW, Erler A, Fu J, Hériché JK, Maresca M, Zhang Y, Hyman AA, Stewart AF. (2011). High-efficiency counterselection recombineering for site-directed mutagenesis in bacterial artificial chromosomes. Nat Methods. 9(1):103-9.

Dückert, H; Pries, V; Khedkar, V; Menninger, S; Bruss, H; Bird, AW; Maliga, Z; Brockmeyer, A; Janning, P; Hyman, A; Grimme, S; Schurmann, M; Preut, H; Hubel, K; Ziegler, S; Kumar, K; Waldmann, H. (2012). Natural product-inspired cascade synthesis yields modulators of centrosome integrity. Nat. Chem. Biol. 8(2):179-184.

Aguirre-Portolés C, Bird AW, Hyman A, Cañamero M, Pérez de Castro I, Malumbres M. (2012). Tpx2 controls spindle integrity, genome stability, and tumor development. Cancer Res: 72(6):1518-28.

Scolz, M; Widlund, PO; Piazza, S; Bublik, DR; Reber, S; Peche, LY; Ciani, Y; Hubner, N; Isokane, M; Monte, M; Ellenberg, J; Hyman, AA; Schneider, C; Bird, AW. (2012). GTSE1 Is a Microtubule Plus-End Tracking Protein That Regulates EB1-Dependent Cell Migration. Plos One: 7(12)

El-Labban A, Zisserman A, Toyoda Y, Bird AW, Hyman AA. (2014). Temporal models for mitotic phase labeling. Med Image Anal: 18(7):977-988.

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